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We are very proud to be one of the first 'Kindness Approach' Groomers in the Uk, with only kind techniques practised within our salon, to make sure our dogs are happy and relaxed at all times.  You may have noticed that your dog is afraid of the groomers, and whilst this can sometimes be a reaction to being 'faffed' with, which no dog likes, it can also be down to rough handling and bossy approaches.  With our unique insight and knowledge of dog behaviour, we are quickly able to asses your dogs personality and adopt the correct approach especially for him or her.  Trust is the basis of our approach at all times.

We offer a full, professional grooming service from bathing only to a full groom, for all breeds of dogs with nail clipping, ears and eye cleaning all part of the service (no extra charges).  We also offer a hand stripping service for wire-haired breeds and use our fingers not stripping blades or other tools which can hurt or harm the dog.

We groom your dogs to breed standard amd always to your personal specification.  Before each appointment we will go through exactly how you wish your dog to look and ultimately what is best for him/her. 

We only use top quality products designed for your dog's specific coat and skin type to make him/her smell and look even more beautiful.

Our friendly and relaxed atmosphere puts both you and your dog at ease.  We take extra time to ensure your dog always has an enjoyable visit with us, and you can relax knowing they are being given the best possible care and attention.

We offer a pick up and drop off service for a small extra charge.  Please enquire when you make your booking.

PLEASE CALL US NOW ON 01302 339309 To arrange an appointment.

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